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Features of the breed

Maine Coon kittens have beautiful drawing of the skin. It is presented by, mainly, brown strips. Thought it can have any colors and combinations. Color of eyes is presented by several options:  green, golden-green and blue. Hair reminds a mane of a lion and it’s two-layer. That seems it includes a soft undercoat and a longer external part.  It gives them a special look. In general, hair of the breed Maine Coon cat is very soft. On the back side and at the basis of pads it is long. It warms cats when it’s cold.

The majority of cats don’t need owners help in care of the hair, they can take care of it by themselves. At some representatives bunches of hair grows behind the ears. Sometimes it seems very long and time to time are not noticeable at all.

Polydactyl Maine Coon

Polydactyl – one more feature of Maine Coon kittens. Such kittens got one or several excess fingers on paws. And sometimes it is useful. For example, such Maine Coon cats can easier move on snow. As for behavior – they possess uncommon mind and establish with the owner peaceful, even obedient relations. It, undoubtedly, does them similar to dogs. The like to follow the owned anywhere he goes. They don’t show special desire to sit on the owners laps. Maine coon cats can be very playful and inventive. They like to bring small things back as the dogs do.

Talkativeness of Maine Coon

Bright distinctive feature of these cats is their hyper-talkativeness. About a speaking glance of a cat or a dog often speak: understands everything, but can’t tell anything.  But Maine Coon not simply understand, but even can answer you. They will comment any phenomenon or an action with pleasure. Having waited you alone for the most part of a day, he will “tell” you very compassionately how he missed you. Try to start dialogue with him and you’ll receive not only grateful listener, but also beautiful emotional story-teller.

If you want to buy a kitten...

In our monopedigree Maine Coon cattery, we treat our work with big love. Our kittens have a high-quality family tree. If you want to be confident in high quality of a family tree and, of course, blood, consider option to buy Maine Coon kitten in our cattery.

12.11.2017 / Помет F


Int.Сh.(WCF) Nikaragua Perfect Cat*UA of Maidilicos

Color: Black smoke, ns HCM n/p


Sex Name Color Status
Female Felicia Maidilicos fs03 Available
Male Felis Maidilicos ns03 Sold

16.10.2017 / Помет ”Е” Maidilicos


CH. UA*Mazurka Batman

Color: Black and white, Group II. n 09 HCM n/n


Ch.(WCF) Haifa Perfect Cat*UA of Maidilicos

Color: Black solid tortie (f) HCM n/n


Sex Name Color Status
Male Edwin d (red solid) Sold
Male Elvis e 09 Available
Male Edgar a 03 Sold