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Familiarity with our cats

If you were lucky to live under one roof with Maine Coon cat so you can talk about them without getting tired. Telling honestly, every day they can surprise you with something, to make laugh or to charm their owners.

This breed belongs to very cheerful cats but at the same time very calm. They differ from other more energy breeds of cats is that to direct a mess in your house is not their destiny.  It’s not very easy to gain the trust of these cats, but if you deserve it, they will give you all their tenderness, devotion, kindness. They won’t be closed of indifference as it can be seemed to strange and unknown people for cats.

Coon got some particularity: not always he likes sitting on the owners hands, but this breed is an exception and they are ready to do this all day long. Under no circumstance, they are ready to follow everywhere their loved human. Besides all this, they have no problems in living together with other pets, even with dogs. An exception can be only rodents. It is necessary to match that Maine Coon is born to be hunters- and catching mice, rats is their professional duty which was created historically.

Breed Maine Coon have a special voice. At this breed, it is similar more likely to melodious clang or gentle murmur. They mew very rarely but when they do it, their voices sounds very thin. It is not easy to combine their unusual voice with their big size and predatory appearance. Also, they like to stay on back pads. With great interest they consider everything around. Maybe such way, review of Maine Coon is much better? At this moment they look really ridiculously and funny.

If you want to have a little friend for walks on the fresh air – your Maine Coon will do it with great pleasure! Only kitten have to be accustomed since the childhood to such walks, walking with him on a lead. As their ancestors swam in sailing courts, representatives of breed Maine Coon are not afraid of water. Even on the contrary, they love it. They can lap with pleasure in capacity with water, bathe, catching with paws a water stream from under the tap. Sometimes Maine Coon even not against, for the company to take a shower with their owner. Before drinking water, they rake it with paws, imitating shoveling of garbage from a surface of natural reservoirs. Earlier ancestors did so, living in the wild nature. To eat meat from a plate – that is not "coon" business. They prefer to bring meat slices to a mouth by the paws, having picked up them, as a catch, claws. Then they providently don't eat up only just one slice, and before half an hour will knock him on the apartment. Although, Maine Coon kitten can make different acrobatic tricks during his games which it is incredibly interesting to observe. But cleanliness and accuracy give the chance to Maine Coon to bypass all available obstacles: that to throw down, not to turn, not to break something.

Wonderful breed

I think that about salutary properties of cats knows everyone, even they know beforehand about our disease.  Happens sometimes that any of our sick body has no effect yet, but your cat already goes to cure it of, honestly nestled on the "necessary" place. What to talk about active indispositions like migraine, diarrhea, heart, etc. Your little "doctor" already hurries to help!

Out of any doubts that they possess more bigger number of unsurpassed talents and abilities, than is accepted to list. Every cat, as well as any other animal, is individual and unique. Also it is necessary only to assume and guess, on what amazing things Maine Coon is able to surprise.  One is clear: they will never disappoint you! If you are looking for a clever, self-sufficient, tender and intelligent cat, breed of the Maine Coon just for you!  Talent and extraordinary, they will perfectly suit the same such bright, creative and uncommon people.

In a word, there can’t be any other animal in the house which is more intelligent, more tactful, more intellectual, than a native breed Maine Coon cat. It is considered that the "official" history of breed began being conducted since January, 1878. At the same time inBostonwas an exhibition of cats. Took part on it more than ten representatives of breed Maine Coon for the first time. But probably they got to theUSAfor a long time earlier. Without them any vessel as with invasion of rats on the deck and in holds of the ships, only giant rat catchers Maine Coons could consult didn't go to swimming. They are recognized as national pride of Americans as the history of the raccoon-like cat which is closely bound with history of development of the USA.

Int.Сh.(WCF) Nikaragua Perfect Cat*UA of Maidilicos

Date of birth: 15.09.2010

Color: Black smoke, ns HCM n/p

Nikaragua - very quiet, impressive and with sense of self-respect. She is great, carefull mommy for her children. Sometimes it seems that her patience and condescension doesn't have a limit, and she doesn't deprive anyone with attention.

Ch.(WCF) Haifa Perfect Cat*UA of Maidilicos

Date of birth: 05.08.2013

Color: Black solid tortie (f) HCM n/n

Haifa - a cat, who doesn't let us a chance to leave her because of her fine pedigree data and nice character. Gloss of her hair, grace of a long strong body and predatory look simply bewitch.

Joselyn Maidilicos

Date of birth: 02.03.2019

Color: Black silver tortie classic tabby and white, fs 22 03

HCM n/n

CMA n/n

PKdef N/k

Flash Angel Savage of Maidilicos

Date of birth: 08.10.2020

Color: Black tortoiseshell

HCM n/n

CMA n/n

PKdef n/n

Yanka Nordirbiscat of Maidilicos

Date of birth: 27.11.2020

Color: Black shaded (ns11)

HCM n/n

CMA n/n

PKdef n/n

Latona Maidilicos

Date of birth: 01.02.2021

Color: Black silver classic tabby with white(bicolour), ns0322

HCM n/n
PKdef n/n

Marfa Maidilicos

Date of birth: 12.08.2021

Color: Blue tortoiseshell, g

HCM n/n

CMA n/n

PKdef n/n